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Ethical standards for providers of public services

Regulators and the revolving door

Image of Richard Thomas

  A flurry of recent news stories has raised controversy about ex-ministers and senior civil servants passing through ‘the revolving door’- moving from government service into well-remunerated positions in the private sector. But at least such moves are overseen by …

The two-way regulation of public appointments and its effects on public life

Image of the Houses of Parliament from across the Thames on a cloudy day

In September Dr Felicity Matthews from the University of Sheffield presented to the Committee, findings from her and Prof Matthew Flinders research, into the UK’s experience of public appointments in a comparative context. Dr Felicity Matthews provides further insights from their …

Commissioners and businesses can achieve high ethical standards by working together

The Business Services Association and CSPL recently ran two round table meetings to discuss ethical standards for providers of public services. High ethical standards can and should be achieved by any public service provider. The sector they come from is not …